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Stone & Shadow In Jerusalem

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Stone & Shadow In Jerusalem
Last Reserve Duty In Israel
Jazz Festivals In Vienna
Vienna-New York Theater Shots
Florence, Italy
Funeral in Vienna
Leonard Bernstein In Vienna
Vienna Dance Theatre
Hangover In Zurich
Bregenz, Austria
Dancing Paint
Night Shopping In New York City
Subway In New York City
Man, Bench & Shadow Coney Island, NY
Nudes In New York City
Speakers at the 92nd St. Y/ New York City
Sky, Water, Salt & Sand Long Island, NY
Independence Day In New York City
Sydney Dance Co. In New York City
Mission To Lvov, Ukraine
Studio & Darkroom Products
Articles, Reviews & Awards for the Studio/Darkroom
Guggenheim New York
Sails & Birds
Ellis Island, NY-1984 Last tour before renovation



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